I’m okay, okay is a collection of emotions, research and personal experience. Reflecting, to understand myself in this place and at this time, and hopefully placing a mirror back to you, the reader. My writing, much like my visual art, works as a guttural response to let things go, to let them live in the beautiful confusion of collective experience. My aim is to peel back the layers of skin that I’ve worn so proudly over the years. The same skin that broke apart when I decided to open my heart on this journey of self-acceptance. I have decided to title this book, I’m okay, okay, because it references a question, we rarely ask…
Are you okay? 
With life’s dizzying spells and pendulum shifting orchestration at work; it’s something we need to linger on and take time to address. Not just for our own happiness but for the well being of everything around us, our loved ones, the people we interact with or don’t, and the flora and fauna that make the complexity of our natural world. Many of the poems included place an observational bow of admiration to nature as it is a place where I find true comfort and joy. We are all part of this interconnected web of life and need reminders of its omnipresence and true vitality; to look deeper into the miracle that is the orchestration of life, of all things great and small that took millennia to create. I truly believe that we need to place more value on our planet so it can be a safe haven for generations to come. 

It is my hope that through my words and images the reader can connect to the universality of human emotion and listen to our ancestral urge to slow down and notice the vitality of our home.
--From the book--
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